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Designed for those who are upgrading from earlier software versions, and who are unfamiliar with the Ribbon bar structure and the Explorer Plug-In. $35 fee, but free to those who purchased Premier+2 from SWN. EP Sat 12/23 10:00 - 12:00

Cost: $ 35.00
See the samples for the January classes, enjoy fellowship and customer Sew & Show. No fee. Come join this happy, inspiring time. Remember, stores close at 3:00 so come early. It is also 5th Saturday, so bring, or buy, your embroidered SWN logo bag and finish out the year with 17% discounts! LC Sat 12/30 10:00 11:00 EP Sat 12/30 10:00 11:00

Cost: $ FREE
December: Continue with Block 8 of our Witty Sewing Quotes BOM. These blocks are designed as quilt blocks but can be stitched on other items. $20 fee. Stitch-out option listed below. LC Wed 12/20 10:30 12:30

Cost: $ 20.00
Stitch out the design created during Software Club. Use for a quilt or put it on a T-shirt, tote, wall hanging or something else. If you did not create the design, one will be provided to you. $5 fee if you have the design, $25 fee if design is provided. LC Wed 12/20 1:30 4:30

Cost: $ 25.00